Credit Suisse Classic Car Rallies

Credit Suisse regularly hosts its own bespoke classic car rallies at stunning locations in Europe.

Classic Car

Monaco Classics 2016

Impressions of the Monaco Classics 2016

Classic Car

Tuscany Classics 2015

Impressions of the Tuscany Classics 2015 and Alain’s Alfa story...

Classic Car

Monaco Classics 2014

Impressions of the Monaco Classics 2014

Classic Car

Salzburg Classics 2013

Impressions of the Salzburg Classics 2013

Car Partner Bentley

Bentley is our car partner at the Credit Suisse Rallies. Read here the story of the Bentley Boys.

Ecurie Credit Suisse

Three Porsche 356s and an Austin Healey Sprite MK I are cared for by Credit Suisse and available during the rallies.